DBD Bordeaux

Different viewpoints. Different people. Same purpose.

Weekly meetings between entrepreneurs & specialists.
Brainstorm new business ideas.
Debates on various business topics.


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What our members say about us

"I'm learning more and more each metting. As of late I started being really competitive in the entrepreneurial field and this is translated in a continuously growing net profit. I've learned the importance of investing in our young entrepreneurs start-ups and am looking to extend my portofolio of investments with more daring ideas."  

"I'm proud to be part of this business club! In the last 3 years I've founded 3 new businesses in 3 different fields. Each meeting proved to be extremely rewarding and I was always eager to apply everything I learned. Now, the people that I've met here constitute most of my business network."                         

     "It's nice to be part of such a community. I've met such wonderful visionaries with amazing ideas and with an entrepreneurial spirit worthy of envy. Here I also found my associates for my new start-up in a totally different field. I try hard not to miss any meeting, although I live in Berlin, Germany."