Different viewpoints. Different people. Same purpose.

DBD-Bordeaux is an international, private business club founded in 2013. Our club members are entrepreneurs from all the corners of the world and from different business fields. We help our members grow by organizing different events with important themes across many business niches.

Club history

"I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2012 with a small book shop located in the center of Bordeaux, France. My shop had a diverse clientele, but many of them had something in common. Entrepreneurship. Being a very social person I formed friendships with many of these clients and we always had interesting conversations about books, politics and business. A while after we started a small lecture club where we used to debate different topics. A year after the opening of the book shop, I founded DBD-BORDEAUX. Our numbers have grown every month and we are still steadily increasing our numbers under our motto "Different viewpoints. Different people. Same purpose". 

In all these years of activity we all learned the importance of the business community and most importantly being part of a business club. Some of our members have registered because of a bad phase in their life and/or business and the rest because of our extremely well-organized and interesting events.

We all try our best to input as much as we can and share our entrepreneurial experience and ideas. Many businesses were borned inside our club after a simple recipe: an idea, a visionary, a know-how-person and a person with executive power.

Our community is excited to support future generations of entrepreneurs and give them the chance to express their ideas in our specially dedicated Start-Up events. This also contributes to our youthfulness and makes us all be proud and happy to be part of DBD-BORDEAUX."

                                                                                                                                                                                                               - Gabriel Rocheleau, Founder


Our club is located on 29 Rue Robert Caumont, 33300, Bordeaux, France.

Our premises offer 12 individual offices, 3 large conference rooms and a lounge and canteen spread over 2 levels.

Each room is equipped with all the necessary technology one would need.

Join DBD-BORDEAUX to make a differance!