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DBD-BORDEAUX randomly selects members from our club to inform its local business community of our existence so other like-minded people can join our club.

Afrim Marijić

Manager of B.I.N. Zottl Trade - durisol-gradnje.si
Vojnik - Slovenia

We’re starting 2017 with a boom, having Mr Afrim Marijić as January’s Ambassador! Originally from Vojnik, Slovenia, he is one of the market leaders in civil construction with recyclable and eco-friendly materials in Slovenia. We strongly believe that he should be a role model for many entrepreneurs in the construction field, because of the way he manages his business, for his conduct towards collaborators & employees and for his care towards the environment. 

“All my life I was passionate about LEGO and nature. Even at the beautiful age of 35, I am still really grateful to my parents for fueling my passion, which was really expensive at a tender age. I still remember the summer in which me and my father created a miniature lego city in our garage. It had everything one could want in a city: all kinds of buildings, roads, bridges, etc. I think that is the first time I realized that construction is what I want to do in my life. 

Fast forward a few years, I started one of the first companies in Slovenia that uses eco-friendly & recyclable construction materials. It’s been years now since we’ve researched and improved our process and we are proud that the end-product is a healthy options for the environment and hence, for humans.“

On the 26th January 2017, Mr Afrim will be organizing a DBD-BORDEAUX specific meeting at MONS, Hotel & Congress Centre, in the Plecnik A room. The hotel is located at Pot za Brdom 4, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

“At this meeting we will discuss the impact our businesses have upon the environment and about my vision regarding the future of construction. Our businesses necessitate a lot of imagination and dynamic, which is the exact same way we ought to think about the way we build. I try to teach people that we can build more efficiently, safer and more dynamically. I hope to one day be able to convince Slovenian entrepreneurs that we don’t need so much concrete in the spaces in which we operate and that if they would like to make an impact, the new way we developed to build in 2017 offers them a low-cost option to do exactly that. But more about this at our meeting! See you there!

Months Quote

"Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great."