Different viewpoints. Different people. Same purpose.


DBD-BORDEAUX randomly selects members from our club to inform its local business community of our existence so other like-minded people can join our club.



Gisella Lori

Project manager - Fashion field
Milano - Italy

February’s Ambassador is Gisella Lori. In the last 7 years she worked closely with some of the most prestigious clothes designers in the world. Nowadays she is a project manager at a top fashion house in Milano, Italy. 

Many say she’s got a 6th sense when it comes to fashion, as she always “wows” her collaborators with her vision and bold ideas relating to how she sees the world, how she reads people and how she always makes them feel free. 

“I can say that I’m a lucky woman! My work is passion incarnate! I believe that clothing is one of the purest ways to express oneself for men and women alike. We’ve got the need to express ourselves and communicate with one another through all possible mediums. Although we have so much technology all around, with so many methods of interconnection, I believe that people communicate less and difficult. We need fashion! I’m lucky because all my life I’ve been fascinated by people and I’ve always wanted to improve their lives, to make them feel free. As a fashion critic I can finally do this! I adore seeing people who communicate through the way they dress. I believe that each of us need this even if some of us don’t really realize it.”

Gisella has been a member of our club for nearly a year now. In this timeframe she demonstrated real capabilities in mass-psychology, general management and marketing. 

On the 23 February, 5:00 pm (UTC+1) Gisella is organizing a meeting in “Forum A’s” conference room, at the AC Milano Hotel with the address: Via Tazzoli, 2, 20154 Milano, Italy. 

“I’m really looking forward to hosting this meeting and I’d like to thank DBD-BORDEAUX for honoring me with this opportunity! It will be an interesting meeting in which we’re going to discuss the importance of design in business and how it can bring us closer to clients. As entrepreneurs, we have to emphasize on the beautiful, on good taste and positivity. I’m also going to have a surprise for all the attendants, at the end of the meeting! 

Months Quote

"I don't design clothes. I design dreams.."