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Mo Thugs - Ghetto Cowboy. You better count your money, ghetto cowboy The name is Krayzie Big Bad Ass Bone Wanted up north for all the gold that I stole Along with some cash, even took the mayors daughter Now, that there's kidnappin' but she was with it, so I brought her Then, got myself into a whole heap of trouble Double-crossed by the law, so there's nobody to run to Yeah, it's just me and my sawed-off shotgun Outlaw call him Leather Face I'm headed for the West, heard they got A couple banks in town that ain't been held up yet Well, uh, I oughta make it by sundown I figure thats enough time for me to get the whole rundown So, I continue my mission, it's gettin' dark So I'm watchin' for them damn Injuns They like to catch ya, then they rob and split I be a rootin' tootin' shootin' damn fool, protectin' my chips All of a sudden, I heard somebody rumble in the bushes Stop my horse, whoa, Nellie, who in the bushes? You better speak out or I'm a let my shotgun song sing out Thug Queen, the horse stealer? Who is this? Well, partner, put in your bid And by the way, now what's your name? Correct these lyrics.