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Girl you know we got the time got that pussy on my mindlater on what are we doing I know you ready show that ass girl u looking so bad getting horny watching you do it Girl I wanna kiss it While you kissing your girlfriends I wanna see a whole lot of licking thats a memory Yeah, bet I make that pussy remember me. A-All that ass don't let it go to waste All this Hennessy, this liquor bout to penetrate while I'm pushing Lamborghini's on the interstate imma long dick her, imma go for hours You minute-made like lemonade I'm fresh as Fuck in these marglelas I skate pass a nigga better then veterans Bipolar cold, give me the medicine Chain to bright, no Thomas Edison When I pull out bitch nervous Better ride this wave, bitch surf it. Girl, you betta keep them legs open only thing you close is these curtains She only got time for a nigga if I take her out to eat a nigga really gotta motivate.